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Wendy Doyle-Palumbo provides representation to citizens who need a family law attorney in Pasco County, Florida. Pasco County, Florida. Pasco County, Florida is divided as both East and West Pasco County, Florida with a population of about 497,909 in 2016. In Florida, trial courts of general jurisdiction are aligned in 20 circuits and Pasco County, Florida residents who have family law matters are under the 6th Judicial Circuit’s jurisdiction. The Sixth Judicial Circuit serves citizens of Pasco County and Pinellas County, Florida. In short, The 6th Judicial circuit is comprised of two county courts. Both Pinellas and Pasco County has jurisdictions only in their own county, but has a circuit court, with jurisdiction in both counties. All cases filed in these two counties are assigned to one of nine different court divisions.

Pasco County, Florida Family Law

Divorce Attorney – Locations Served in the 6th Judicial Circuit of Florida

If you live in the following areas in Pasco County, FL and would like a free initial consultation with Family Law Attorney Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, click here to get started or call the office directly. Attorney Doyle-Palumbo can represent you from her Family Law office in Hudson, Florida in any type of divorce or family law matter or personal injury case.

Unified Family Court Pasco County, Florida Family Law

The 6th Judicial Circuit Defines the the Unified Family Court as follows: “The Sixth Judicial Circuit Unified Family Court in Pinellas County is made up of 4 Judges, one General Magistrate, a behavioral evaluations program, and a juvenile arbitration program.All juvenile delinquency cases are heard in the Unified Family Court, as well as all dependency cases, all adoptions of minors other than stepparent or relative adoptions, all termination of parental rights, all section 751 temporary custody cases, all judicial waiver of parental notice of termination of pregnancy cases, all removal of disabilities of nonage and other family cases (dissolution, paternity, domestic violence etc) that have an underlying pending case being heard in the Unified Family Court. The Unified Family Court looks to coordinate multiple cases involving the same family and have them all heard before the same judge.”

It’s important to hire a Pasco County, Florida family law attorney who works in multiple jurisdictions, especially in Pinellas County. Wendy-Doyle Palumbo has the experience needed to navigate through the various courts, judges and specific requirements that each jurisdiction requires. Going it alone in a Pasco County Family law matter can be difficult and detrimental to your case, therefore it is most likely in your best interest to schedule a consultation with a Pasco County Family Law Attorney prior to going into court as a pro se litigant.

Divorce Attorney for Men and Women in Pasco County, FL

Residing in over half of the households in Pasco County are married couples. Using the crude method of calculating annual divorce rates, approximately 3.6 divorces will occur for every 1,000 people in the U.S. The Pasco County divorce rate falls right in line with these statistics. There are many couples who will need a Pasco Divorce Lawyer for an uncontested divorce or even a contested divorce where matters of child custody, support and alimony will need to be determined, negotiated, perhaps litigated and subsequently, ordered through the courts. In Pasco County the income level and duration of marriage of many married couples is often on the high end, which means that when divorcing these couples will need to hire a Pasco County high net worth divorce attorney. No matter what your financial situation is, finding the best divorce attorney is usually critical to obtaining the best outcome in court.

Modifications of Divorce, Custody, Child Support in Pasco County, FL

Once certain things are established and made final by the courts in Pasco County, final orders regarding terms of child support, custody and alimony, it’s often more difficult to modify. Making sure your family law attorney has the experience and skill needed under vast scenarios is crucial to the outcome of your divorce case. Wendy Doyle-Palumbo is capable of doing what’s in your best interest and is both skilled mediator and a tenacious litigator, should your divorce case go to court in Pasco County, FL.

Child Custody & Child Support Attorney For Unmarried Parents in Pasco County, FL

As a seasoned family law attorney practicing in Pasco County as well as other jurisdictions, divorce isn’t the only family law matter that I handle.
In Pasco County, Florida unwed single mothers and single fathers comprise a good portion of our demographics. Some parents choose to remain unmarried, yet, some are just doing their best having not planned for parenthood. As a Pasco County Family Law Attorney, many of my cases involve mediation and legal representation for unmarried parents. In Pasco County, Florida, if you need a child custody attorney or a child support attorney, I offer a free initial consultation that will answer some of the questions you likely have about establishing paternity and parental rights. Establishing paternity is the first step that you must take to the courts to assist you in obtaining the child support financial parental responsibility as defined by the Florida Statutes, and that parental rights are being protected for Pasco County Fathers and Mothers, alike.