Family Law Attorney Hernando County, Florida

If you need a free initial consultation with a Hernando County family law attorney or divorce lawyer in Hernando Hernando County Family Law AttorneyCounty, please feel free to reach out to Wendy Doyle-Palumbo. Divorce and family law matters in Florida can be complicated. If you are married and are seeking a divorce in Brooksville or Hernando County, or, if you have a child custody, child support or time sharing issue that you need to resolve in the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court contact my family law office for assistance and information.

Divorce Hernando County, Florida

It doesn’t matter what County you are in if you are filing for Divorce in Hernando County, Florida because the Florida Divorce Statutes apply in every case. But what often does differentiate the outcome is your divorce lawyer’s experience and knowledge of the way different courts, jurisdictions and judges often handle family law cases. It helps to hire a family law attorney who has experience working in a variety of family law jurisdictions. I have been handling divorce and family law cases in Tampa Bay for decades, thus I’ve had the experience you need when you need a family law lawyer who is comfortable and confident regardless of the location or the difficulty of your particular case.

Tampa, Bay High Asset Divorce Attorney

Divorce in Florida requires the equal distribution of assets according to the Florida Statutes. If you are considering a divorce and you are concerned about how your assets will be divided, you need a high asset divorce lawyer who will navigate you through a high net worth divorce. From equitable distribution, to alimony and child support, a high asset divorce can be challenging at best when there is a great deal of property, business assets and income involved. For a confidential consultation with a high net worth Hernando County Family Law Attorney, contact me today at 727.824.5727. If you prefer to contact me online, please click here.

Child Support and Child Custody Attorney Hernando County, Florida Fifth Judicial Circuit

If you are divorcing, or if you are unmarried and need to establish paternity, petition for child support or time sharing in Hernando County, Florida please read the following information or contact me for a free initial consultation. Going it alone in a child support or child custody case isn’t necessary. Take advantage of a free consultation with a child custody attorney in Brooksville. If you need a child support attorney who can represent you in Hernando County, Florida, please reach out for an appointment. Often times parents who do go to court without a Family Law Attorney do not obtain the results that are in their best interests, or even in the best interests of their children.

Child Support and Time Sharing Modifications Hernando County, Florida

Once a child custody or child support order is entered in the Fifth Judicial Circuit or other Family law Court in Tampa Bay, Florida it can be difficult to modify. Know your rights about time sharing, custody and child support in Florida. If you need assistance with modifying a current child support order or if you require a child custody modification or information about a child custody or support hearing, please call me today at 727.824.5727 for a free initial consultation.


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