Who Gets the Pets in Florida Divorces

How Pets are Handled in a Florida Divorce We may fall out of love with our spouses, but just like our children, we never fall out of love with our pets. One of the main concerns and questions divorcing couples I represent will ask me is "How can I get "custody" of the pets?" It's [...]

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Filing for Temporary Relief Help to Avoid Financial Crisis

Why You Should File for Temporary Relief Whether your family law case is a divorce or paternity case, the courts generally do not move as fast as you would like or need them to. The truth is, while waiting, you'll need to keep up with your needs and the needs of your children. In many [...]

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Holiday Custody and Time Sharing Tampa Bay Family Law

Holiday Time Sharing Tips for Tampa Bay Parents Co-Parenting and The Holiday Schedule It's that time again and many Tampa Bay parents may be experiencing some anxiety about co-parenting during the holidays. If you're new to time sharing, this holiday season may have you a bit on edge. Whether you are a mother or father, [...]

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