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Brooksville family law and divorce lawyer Wendy Doyle-Palumbo represents clients who need an aggressive, experienced family law attorney or divorce lawyer in the 5th Judicial Circuit Court of Hernando County, Florida.

When You Need A Divorce or High Asset Divorce Attorney in Brooksvilledivorcing in Pasco or Hernando County Florida

High asset divorces require the expertise that Attorney Doyle-Palumbo has to help you navigate through a high net worth divorce. Because of the equitable distribution laws in Florida, a high asset divorce can be challenging for some attorneys, thus, it’s crucial that you hire a Brooksville divorce lawyer who has experience and tenacity to protect your rights. divorce, high asset divorce or other family law matter that requires a Brooksville family law attorney, please call my office today or contact me online. I am dedicated and result oriented and will utilize my skill, experience and knowledge to ensure that your rights are protected while helping you navigate through this new chapter in your life.

Brooksville, Florida – Family Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

Divorce can be hard on the family. I have decades of experience settling even the most difficult divorce cases in Hernando County, and throughout Tampa Bay, Florida. When unable to settle a case amicably, I am a tenacious family law trial lawyer who will fight with dogged determination to ensure the best possible results. Although no Brooksville Family Law Lawyer can guarantee the outcome of a case, you can depend on me to work hard, and in your very best interest to protect you and your rights.

Protecting Your Best Interests in Any Family Law Matter in the 5th Jurisdiction Circuit in Brooksville, Florida

  • Divorce – Florida couples who are divorcing often times begin by agreeing upon the terms of their divorce. Amicable and easy, that’s what the goal is for many divorcing spouses. When parties agree it’s time to divorce there are many that really do want to make it as fair and as painless as possible. But, often times it can become emotionally charged mid-way through the process. Suddenly one party may begin to feel “cheated” or may become aggressive in their approach and their requests. It is my job to know Florida Family Law and to make sure that your best interests and future is protected. While it’s admirable for couples to divorce amicably, a great divorce attorney will help you and your spouse reach divorce terms that are in the best interest of their client. Helping you move into a successful transition and a secure future is my goal.
  • Children in Divorce & Family Law

If divorcing or establishing paternity in Brooksville, Florida, you’ll likely require a divorce and family law attorney to represent you. When you have children as a result of your marriage, or if you are a single parent establishing paternity, child support ,child custody or “time sharing” I have many years of experience in keeping parents on track and focused. While working through the legal and financial aspects of your case, such as child support, time sharing and custody matters, I remain cognitive of my clients’ children and will recommend what I may feel is necessary to resolve any problems. It’s never easy for children when parents divorce, but with the right tools, counsel and approach, your best interests will be at the forefront, while minimizing the damage that often occurs to children as a result of custody battles or divorce.

Brooksville Florida Family Law Modification Attorney

If you need to modify orders in the 5th Judicial Circuit family court in Brooksville, Florida and require a Brooksville Family Law Attorney to represent you, I can help. I can approach the courts to set, amend or modify the following :

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